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such as malaria (24) pneumonia (20 diarrhea (16 measles (6) and HIV/aids account for more than 71 of the estimated. However, literature related to the study is hereby presented under the following headings; v Concept of infant and maternal mortality v Infant and maternal mortality trend in developed/ developing countries. Infant and maternal mortality has implication not only to the family and community but also to the nation at large. Some of the contributory factors to infant mortality in Nigeria include malnutrition, poor environmental hygiene, low access and utilization of quality health care services by women and children other include but not limited to low female literacy level, poor family health care practices, lack. Primary health care: primary health care is the medical treatment one received first when sick. The socio-economic and cultural factors for example the issue of women right especially the reproductive and sexual rights, female education, employment and empowerment, gender inequality, both the distant and the proximate factors operate together to impact mortality rather than a unidirectional causality. This maternal death due to associated causes and maternal condition (pregnancy) is regarded as secondary causes of death.

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In Nigeria, 340,000 infant die annually during delivery and shortly after delivery especially if the written essays on respect mother dies in child birth. Mothers in Abakaliki metropolis are involved and their range is not known. Most maternal deaths occurs during delivery and during the postpartum period. For Inquiries call To purchase complete Project Material, Pay the sum of N3, 000 to our bank accounts below: bank name: guaranty trust bank (GTB) account name: chibuzor tochi onyemenam account number: OR bank name: first bank PLC account name: chibuzor tochi onyemenam account number. (76.8) strongly agreed that relationship between poor road unskilled health care personnel contribute to the increase rate of infant and maternal mortality. V Relationship between poor roads and unskilled health care personal can not necessary affect the increase in high rate in infant and maternal mortality. Maternal death without doubts is associated with considerable grief and depression. We are neither encouraging any form of plagiarism nor are we advocating the use of the papers produced herein for cheating.

V  Causes and risk factors of infant and maternal mortality. We have voice, platform and a constituency that should be an instrument for radical change.