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general historian, he must accept the challenge. Strong Essays 1496 words (4.3 pages) - In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge transforms from a notorious miser to a humbled, kind-hearted soul as a result of three spirits who apprise him of life's true meaning. But much harm was done, and little good. And will not the light vary from age to age? Many thought it foolish. His first famous book, An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution (1913) was written apparently to break down that excessive respect for the Federal Constitution which he believed to be the main legal block to social justice. The same contingencies of time and space that force a statesman or soldier to make decisions, impel the historian, though with less urgency, to make up his mind. Madison's War (1812) by John Lowell, and A View of the Conduct of the Executive in the Foreign Affairs of the United States (1797) by James Monroe.

The Oxford history of the American people, Signet. Samuel Eliot Morison (1953). By Land and by Sea: Essays and Addresses, New York : Knopf. Free Essay: Christopher Columbus was born in the port city of Genoa, Italy in 1451. Essay on Christopher Columbus Influenced Spain and Europe.

The fundamental question is, "What actually happened, and why?". By the emphatic essays time of his retirement from the navy in 1951, he had reached the rank of rear admiral. He also made voyages as an agent for a Genoese merchant in Lisbon. But he must also have faith in the receptiveness of his audience. Ferdinand Magellan, Christopher Columbus, and, sir Francis Drake. tags: Mary Shelley, Samuel Taylor Strong Essays 908 words (2.6 pages) - In 1798, Samuel Taylor Coleridge published his poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.