india largest democracy essay

wait a little longer to gauge the opinions of active and semi-active users before making such changes. It is a country where famous rivers and oceans are run regularly such as Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Brahmaputra, Krishna, Kavery, Bay of Bengal, Arabic sea, etc. The Indian Constitution believes in the freedom of religion which gives each inhabitant of the country to freely practice their ritualistic customs. Added this point per. Anyone can claim anything is confusing, that does not mean we can ignore established appellations with which countries are widely referred. gppande «talk» 23:07, (UTC) I see your point. Even the length is debated by the experienced editors. If the area of a city is considered to be the administrative area of its council, it serves no purpose to list which is the largest city by area in that country.

Becuase I have alot of really good ones! You don't have to give it a sentence by itself, but it certainly merits mention in any lead paragraph about India (just geography and population is not enough, in fact by your own admission, as the democracy mention was already a part of the lead). Finally, really don't care about what version of whose edit you had reverted. It is growing continuously in the field of technology, science and literature because of the eminent people like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, Sir.V.Raman, Shri.

It started to sell in the India market, which had some competitors as: Malhorta, Contron, Erasmic, and Gillette. This is one of the thoughts that came up on my mind. I am invariant under co-ordinate transformations ( talk ) 12:48, (UTC) I changed it, see if it works for you guys. I would try to request an updation for the template. Your thoughts on this. The aforementioned steps must be taken to ensure smooth functioning of democracy in the country. ) 13:57, (UTC) I think you mean daughter articles.

But later noticed 5th which could not be undone due to text conflicts with later edits. You can always have the relevant pictures on the relevant articles. But when it comes to India was should not have that higher? It is sometimes also said to be the rule of the majority. The point of giving examples of the usage "world's most populous democracy" was not that it is the more common expression, but that it is used often enough by varied sources and speakers, spanning many continents and sub-continents, not least India.