dangers of using a cellphone while driving essay

and react to the appearance of a new object. Any one of us could have been that poor individual on that fateful day. But the trade group Insurance Information Institute reports the opposite. Traffic accidents is on the rise. . "When we factor these results into the overall weight of the evidence, they continue to emphasize the potential danger created by driver use of handheld and hands-free cellular phones.". After all, few drivers admit to the other driver, police or their insurance company that they were fiddling with the smartphone at the moment of the accident. People use their cell phones for just about everything such as: texting, talking, schedule planning, internet surfing, etc. Now a day, the governments are working hard to consider banning the use of cell phone while driving in United States because sometimes is a lethal weapon and can cause a disaster in families. One study found that listening to conversation robbed 37 of brain activity in the part of the brain used for driving. . 10 admit they have taken video while operating a motor vehicle.

Dangers of Using Cellphone While Driving. Insurance industry analysts predicted auto insurance rates would decrease as car manufacturers increasingly added anti-collision, autonomous features to cars. .

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Drivers are also tailgating you because of, again, the inability to maintain a constant speed because they are on the phone. Cellphone While Driving Distractions, despite public awareness campaigns about the dangers of using a cellphone while driving, industry experts report American drivers are ignoring the cautions. Its a snowball effect, Vecera says, and thats what contributes to the problem, because eventually youre oblivious to a lot thats around you. The study's findings were less dramatic than some, including one in 2006 that found using a cell phone while driving was the equivalent of driving drunk. The delay is about 40 milliseconds, or four-hundredths of a second, which may not seem like a long time. Sources: Smartphone Use is Driving Traffic Accident Numbers and Car Insurance Rates Up, Study Clams. Respondents who answered the questions took about twice as long to direct their eyes to a new object on the screen than those not required to respond or who were asked no questions at all. Its the first study known to examine attentional disengagement as the possible cause of poor driving while using a cell phone. Many people have a cell phone and some even call their cell phone their life line. 29 admit to accessing the internet behind the wheel. Sometimes we can even do two or more of these things at the same time. Economy both add more drivers and vehicles to highway traffic.

dangers of using a cellphone while driving essay

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