great white shark essay conclusion

is a very agile killer that hunts mostly anything in the ocean. The canals are attached to nerves that send signals to the brain. What do Great White Sharks eat? It migrates south to warmer waters to give birth to six to nine pups. Some have a mirror like layer under the retina that allows more light into the eye. They generally prey on the sick or injured. New York, in 1964; it was seventeen and a half feet long and weighed an estimated qualitative doctoral dissertation 4500 pounds. It is Carcharodon carcharias; it is the Great White Shark. Sharks must always keep swimming.

Between 19, there were thirty-two attacks on swimmers, resulting in thirteen deaths attributed to great white sharks. This is because all sharks do not have a swim bladder, which is a small bag-like part of their body, which holds air. The Farallan Islands, a national wildlife refuge about twenty-seven miles off San Francisco, is a common feeding ground for the great white. The great white gives birth just like a dolphin, when it s ready to come out it shoots it out and you have a little baby shark. Man hunts these sharks for food or sport. The great white spends most of its time in shallow coastal areas around reefs where there is plenty of prey.