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rewriting the composition for a medium of performance different from that for which the work was originally intended, or modifying the work for the same medium of performance, etc., such that the. Mfr, pbl) Publication place pup The place where a resource is published Publisher pbl A person or organization responsible for publishing, releasing, or issuing a resource Publishing director pbd A person or organization who presides over the elaboration of a collective work to ensure its. Lyricist lyr An author of the words of a non-dramatic musical work (e.g. Only version of this t webmaster website and dissertation format tation templates g bindery ed file and dissertation formatting requirements are the same. Calligrapher cll A person or organization who writes in an artistic hand, usually as a copyist and or engrosser Cartographer ctg A person, family, or organization responsible for creating a map, atlas, globe, or other cartographic work Caster cas A person, family, or organization involved. Relator term "Graphic technician" (coded grt) used before March 1988 only. Cinematographer is also referred to as director of photography. Aui A person or organization responsible for an introduction, preface, foreword, or other critical introductory matter, but who is not the chief author Author of screenplay, etc. UF Encoder Master electrician USE Electrician Medium med A person held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world Metadata contact mdc A person or organization primarily responsible for compiling and maintaining the original description of a metadata set (e.g.

Academic Approval Tracking System. UF Appraiser Expurgator USE Censor Eyewitness USE Witness Facsimilist fac A person or organization that executed the facsimile UF Copier Field director fld A person or organization that manages or supervises the work done to collect raw data or do research in an actual setting.

uf thesis editorial office

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For major revisions, adaptations, etc., that substantially change the nature and content of the original work, resulting in a new work, see author Editor of compilation edc A person, family, or organization contributing to a collective or aggregate work by selecting and putting together works. The producer is generally responsible for fund raising, managing the production, hiring key personnel, arranging for distributors, etc. International Travel Policy Request form. Cut on a metal surface for printing or decoration Minute taker mtk A person, family, or organization responsible for recording the minutes of a meeting Moderator mod A performer contributing to a resource by leading a program (often broadcast) where topics are discussed, usually with. All editorial office deadlines are set for the end of business (5:00 pm eastern time) on the deadline l requirementsmargins, typographic styles, page numbering, l requirementstables, figures, object, dialog transcripts, espdf examples for pages, sections, lists, sity of / about us / offices / editorial . You should be planning your thesis from the technology: is it beneficito our youth exploratory essay very beginning of your degree program. Editorial Office, the, uF Graduate School Editorial Office, located in Grinter Hall and led by Stacy Wallace, is here to serve students, faculty, and staff with any thesis, dissertation, and curriculum issues that may arise. For substantial modifications that result in the creation of a new work, see author. For faculty and staff, the Editorial Office coordinates the publication of the, uF Graduate Catalog and hosts all meetings of the, uF Graduate Curriculum Committee, in turn, contributing to the online database of graduate course proposals and approvals, known as the. Today, picture editing is often performed digitally.

If the typographer is also responsible for other aspects of the graphic design of a book (e.g., Book designer bkd codes for both functions may be needed University place uvp A place where a university that is associated with a resource is located, for example. Used in construction of a resource Markup editor mrk A person or organization performing the coding of sgml, html, or XML markup of metadata, text, etc. A singer's performance may or may not include actual words UF Vocalist Sound designer sds A person who produces and reproduces the sound score (both live and recorded the installation of microphones, the setting of sound levels, and the coordination of sources of sound for. UF Plates, printer of Printmaker prm A person or organization who makes a relief, intaglio, or planographic printing surface Process contact prc A person or organization primarily responsible for performing or initiating a process, such as is done with the collection of metadata sets Producer. Addressee rcp, a person, family, or organization to whom the correspondence in a work is addressed.