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is advised, though not mandatory. Title of page Social media format. For example: Davis,. The same technique is sometimes used to bring particular subcategories to the start of the list. Hyphens, apostrophes and periods/full stops are the only punctuation marks that should be kept in sort values. A defining characteristic is one that reliable sources commonly and consistently define 1 the subject as havingsuch as nationality or notable profession (in the case of people type of location or region (in the case of places etc. However, leading articles in foreign-language-derived names which are no longer translated in English are not subject to this rule;.g. Category pages can have interlanguage links in the "Languages" list in the left sidebar (in the default skin linking to corresponding categories in other language Wikipedias. This description, not the category's name, defines the proper content of the category. Category cleanup templates Article with insufficient categories Improve categories template indicates that the article needs additional or more specific categories.

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Change Category:Biologists to :Category:Biologists or comment them out (e.g.,!- Category:Biologists - or insert "nowiki" tags (e.g., Re-enable the categories when you move the draft back into article space. The benefits of herbs. Citations for interviews: Last name of interviewer, first initial, and last name of interviewee, first initial. And overseas, the English language to children and adults whose first (native) language is not English. If a page is to be given the same sort key in all or several of its categories, the defaultsort magic word should be used. An eponymous category should have only the categories of its article that are relevant to the category's content. Hiding categories In cases where, for technical reasons, administration categories appear directly on articles rather than talk pages, they should be made into hidden categories, so that they are not displayed to readers. For example, the templates that generate WikiProject and assessment categories should be placed on talk pages, not on the articles themselves. Students in the tesol concentration must complete: engl 5800; engl 5240, 6610, 6640, and two electives courses from the approved list (a total of 15 hours, required for the graduate certificate in tesol 6 additional hours of any graduate level engl course (including 5280. Hence every category apart from this top one must be a subcategory of at least one other category. Unusual Recipes and Cantonese Cuisine. Example: " Monarchs not "People - Monarchs".

Keep just the eponymous category. DNA synthesis, several biochemical processes for making DNA. Names of topic categories should be singular, normally corresponding to the name of a Wikipedia article.