essay on american revolution

of the Washington Chapters. . E, for example, numerous sermons cited in Alice. Samuel Adams, The Life and Public Services of Samuel Adams, William. 22 According to the Founders Biblical understanding, the fact that they were engaged in a defensive action made all the difference they believed that they could boldly approach God and sincerely seek His aid and blessing in such a situation. Stay in the Know with American Spirit and Daughters Newsletter. They are born with us, exist with us, and cannot be taken from us by any human power without taking our lives.

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essay on american revolution

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On the basis of these two theological understandings (that God Himself had ordained the institution of civil government, and that God had explicitly authorized civil self-defense) the Founding Fathers and the majority of American Christians in that day believed that they were conducting themselves. 13, July 8, 1930 (at: ml ). Is even defensive war justifiable in a religious view? John Harty, The Catholic Encyclopedia. Hn Adams, Letters of John Adams, Addressed to His Wife, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Charles.

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