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these color changes in place of facial expressions. Shes a rather messed up person, though I did soften up to her when I spent more time with her. Undyne holds a spear in her right hand, and Mettaton NEO has an arm cannon replacing his right hand.

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Mettaton points out the protagonist's lack of killing intent, telling them that they are not "absolutely evil" before dying. Basketball basketball'last, ISN'T IT, darling? In his quiz show have several references. He lives for his ratings and adores performing. Well, I guess I really shouldn't judge you. Uh well I mean- that'rilliant idea, alphys! IT seems THE bomb ISN'T going OFF. AN interesting situation HAS arisen IN eastern hotland! Keep heading around the room! True Pacifist Ending Epilogue"s Mettaton EX can be found how to write a scope of service outside of his own house, which is right next to Napstablook's. Each colored tile HAS ITS OWN sadistic function.

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