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short description, a timeline, and links to the applications, petitions, comments and other pleadings, ex parte filings and Commission orders and decisions. Before a company may assign an FCC license to another company or acquire a company holding an FCC license, it must receive the Commissions approval. The Commission has published a brief overview of how it reviews major transactions and a list of, frequently Asked Questions. The ability of national industries to compete in international markets. Welcome to the revised Transaction Team webpage. Each major transaction has its own web page, listed below. The Mergers and Acquisitions Division conducts merger reviews in terms of Chapter 3 of the Act.

The Commission reviews applications for the transfer of control and assignment of licenses and authorizations to ensure that the public interest would be served by approving the applications. In addition the division will consider the likely impact that the transaction is likely to have on the following public interest grounds: A particular industrial sector or region; Employment; The ability of small businesses, or firms controlled or owned by historically disadvantaged persons, to become. The vast majority of transfer of control and assignment applications are simple and unopposed and are processed quickly. Transaction Team helps ensure that the Commissions internal procedures for processing these more complex applications are transparent and uniform across its various bureaus.

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The page also provides ready access to the status and record of major pending transactions and to the documentary history of past transaction reviews. Aurora picks up HotHouse, one of the leading cannabis companies, Aurora Cannabis, has announced it is to expand its business by acquiring the cannabis business of HotHouse Consulting for an undisclosed sum. Established financial services company Axicorp has made its move to assert itself on the Middle-Eastern market by buying UK online broker One Financial Markets (OFM) for an undisclosed sum. Guides, current and Recent Transactions, major and Archived Transactions. Links to these are found below. Web pages are usually archived six to twelve months after the Commissions final decision on the application or after the proceeding is no longer active. Major Transaction Decisions, archived Transactions. Zillow agrees to buy MLoA, real estate firm Zillow will soon be able to offer mortgage services as it is buying Mortgage Lenders of America (MLoA) for an undisclosed sum. These applications can be found by searching the Commissions online filing systems or by contacting the relevant Bureau.

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