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end of the novel is a turning point that awakens within Tambu an awareness of the world that concludes her story, as well as her childhood. Song 2 school because it will not bring any good to the family and also in order to protect their virginity. In the height of his anger towards Nyasha, Babamukuru demands, Whats the matter with you girl? "Effects of Gender Discrimination in Education." Gender Discrimination in Education. When Mainimi realizes that they are too poor to send both of her children to school, "she begins to boil eggs, which she carries to the bus terminal to passengers passing throughextending her garden so that there are more to sell" (Tsi 15). Nervous Conditions Gender Discrimination English Literature Essay Internet. I am her father. (204) She saw how they were being drawn into a process by which Africans were trained to forget who they were, what they were and why they were that. Additionally, while Tambu grows up in a situation where, as Nhamo put it, Wanting wont help because you are a girl, (21) Nyasha reaches adolescent awareness in England at the dawn of second wave feminism.

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Song 4 marriage from doing the ruby moon hsc essays things she wants to do" (Tsi 103) and that is why Tambuzai is being told by her mum that "being a woman is a burden because you have to bear children and look after them and the husband" (Tsi. England receiving an education. Although she keeps to her books (201) and excels academically, we are unable to feel secure in her successes while she grew weaker by the day. She is always doing this, challenging. Nyasha herself refuses to conform to what Babamukuru considers to be a good woman and the resulting conflicts open Tambus, as well as the readers, eyes to the oppressive structure of Babamukurus household which is at first presented to us as an ideal place. Even in this decade, gender discrimination is still happening as the recent research has shown that only about fifty per cent of women participate in household decisions in ten of the thirty countries surveyed Unicef. At that point, she falls back into fulfilling her expected roles in order to get by, vowing earnestly that she would be like Babamukuru: straight as an arrow, as steely and true. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015 "You can be whatever you want to be as long as you are happy little girls hear this encouragement from their parents all the time (Mullins). Tambu witnesses a culmination of years of all these issues that had been underlying the story coming to a head. Shakespeare's plays show that gender discrimination has been in the society as early as four hundred years ago In order for the society to change their impression and perspective towards women, education must come in but the most important thing is to let women realize. Nyashas decline takes a steeper turn when Tambu leaves to live and study at the Catholic school, Sacred Heart.