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the planets health, but humanitys as well. Concluding Hook Sentence (Optional) A good way to end an essay is something unexpected, to surprise the reader. Thesis: Although meals prepared by either cooks or chefs can be equally delicious, chefs differ from cooks in education, professional commitment, and artistry A thesis statement is an arguable idea Fact: When I was six, my parents took me on a trip to Alaska where. Paragraph 4 Sample : Paragraph 4 Sample Lastly, some of the patrons are even more of a problem than the theater itself. Instead of introducing your argument, you are briefly concluding your argument, transitioning into your next one.

Persuasive writing attempts to convince the reader that the point of view or course of action recommended by the writer is valid. What is a five paragraph essay? The five paragraph essay follows a defined format.

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The discrimination of female employees at work. Does that sound like a nightmare? First paragraph: Introduction Second paragraph: First supporting argument and examples Third paragraph: Second supporting argument and examples Fourth paragraph: Third supporting argument and examples Fifth paragraph: Conclusion. Many students fail to include these important building bridges between different paragraphs, and it makes the paper lose its sense. With your group, rewrite the statements to make them proper thesis statements. KEY TIP: The arguments should go in this order: The 1st body paragraph should be your second strongest argument The 2nd body should be your weakest argument The 3rd body should be your strongest argument To give our readers a nice pol 201 final paper thesis statement keyhole format visual,. Closing ParagraphRestate Your Thesis Begin your final paragraph with a concluding phrase and then restate your thesis. Homework: Marking up a five-paragraph essay.

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