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(Davis) King, Karen Whitehall, Professor of Advertising and Public Relations. D., California (Davis) Buitrago, Jos., Associate Professor of Environment and Design.L.A., Harvard Bullock, Bronson, Associate Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources. D., Harvard Hoffman, Brian., Associate Professor of Psychology. D., Pennsylvania Edison, Arthur, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. D., Georgia Fischer, John Reed, Professor of Population Health.

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D., Toronto Hill, Daniel, Assistant Professor of International Affairs. D., Princeton Runco, Mark., Professor of Creativity and Gifted Education and Professor of Educational Psychology. Barrow Professor of Mathematics. D., California (Riverside) Anderson II, James., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication. D., Stanford Schalles, John., Adjunct Professor of Marine Sciences. D., Rutgers Rasmussen, Todd Christian, Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources. D., Rensselear Polytechnic Institute Averett, Rodney, Assistant Professor of Engineering. D., State University of New York (Buffalo) Yang, Li, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology. D., Georgia Grimes, Janet Anne, Assistant Professor of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery.V.M., Georgia Grogan, Karen Burns, Clinical Associate Professor of Population Health. D., Minnesota (Twin Cities) Shannon, Sarah, Assistant Professor of Sociology. D., Michigan Simons, Leslie Gordon, Professor of Sociology. D., Zhejang Li, Kang, Professor of Computer Science.

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