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industry. We follow the trials and tribulations of the rich and famous when they fall off the stage at a concert to when they are having marriage problems, sometimes hoping they overcome, and more often casting judgment upon them, measuring our own lives against theirs. The development of new media has leading new ways of introducing, producing and consuming celebrity while online magazines and news - which are especially grown as an additional form of the tendency print media - has also had an expansive effect (G.Turner 2010). The photos could be a twisted dissertation in south africa joke- or perhaps it really is the cruel, sick fate of the poor dog. USA Today, 06 June.

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But it is not the only source of their income. A phenomenon called Susan Boyle is an example. Meanwhile, 9 think being famous is the best way to achieve wealthy without qualifications. Its a sad day when nobody seems shocked to the fact that young girls know every detail of Snookis life but could not tell you whats happening in current world affairs. It can be said that we are living in the century of media innovation together with the development of celebrity culture. Therefore, I did really hard to catch up with other friends and the deadlines also. They see these people using illegal drugs and think that such behavior is worth emulating. The adolescent minds in the current generation is becoming more deviated from picturing the world as a whole and is more focused on their own bubbles where anything in that bubble must directly relate and affect them. I used m and others scholar website on Study Smart to find most of my references and articles. Their productivity in the society diminishes. So, what happened with the missing Malaysian Plane last night? It does not help the society in any way.

One example is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had adopted 3 orphans from different countries (Ethiopia, Cambodia and Vietnam). I'm sure most of you couldn't tell. The Age, 09 December. They appear on all kind of communication media from printed media: newspapers, magazines, to television and online media like internet.

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