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Farmers, fishermen, storytellers and musicians help tell the story (Broadcast 2003) Cathal Pirtir discovers some of the connections which, since the 1700s have linked the South-east of Ireland with Newfoundland's Talamh an isc. This is a glimpse inside the wonderful world of Irish show chickens - and their keepers - in the run up to the 2012 National Poultry Competition All around Ireland people keep show chickens - and with each one comes a dream - to become. This documentary follows Ite's last weeks with the choir (Broadcast 1995) 15 years ago, Mary Curtin spent Christmas with the Palestrina Choir of St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin. (Broadcast 1977) 0:39:18 3 Sun, 12:00:00 0000 no DocArchive: World of Women Documentary on One, RT Radio, Ireland In this documentary from 1980, Marian Finucane travelled to Copenhagen for the second United Nations World Conference on Women where delegates gathered to assess the progress. 0:39:34 3 Thu, 12:00:00 0000 no Amazing 'James Barry' Documentary on One, RT Radio, Ireland Margaret Bulkeley wanted to become a doctor. ( 1993 ) 0:45:27 3 Tue, 12:00:00 0000 no DocArchive (1980 Northside Swaddy - Sen O'Casey in Dublin Documentary on One, RT Radio, Ireland The Award Winning Sen OCasey egoism vs altruism essay was one of Irish literatures greats. (first broadcast 1975) The battle between market stall holders and big business and how the tide of business has obliterated the small man, the donkey and cart and the street singer whose music is drowned out by the sound of the delivery lorries. (Broadcast 1961) A documentary broadcast on the day of RT's first ever television broadcast - From the Ground Up is an insight into the work that went into bringing Ireland its first ever national television service. Nbsp; Featuring contributions from the worlds of literature, geography, yoga and education. AD 65) "Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished without the will to start, the enthusiasm to continue and, regardless of temporary obstacles, the persistence to complete." American businessman Waite Phillips (1883-1964) "Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation can finally lead. In this documentary he talks about the influence of his rural background and his family on his work.