women rights in saudi arabia essays

in the United States. Take the case of an anonymous 19-year-old girl who was raped by six armed men. The differences between control and empowerment of Saudi women becomes evident through the actions, reactions, and the level of power that the Mutawaeen (the moral police) have and utilize against Saudi women at the slightest absence of blind obedience to the establish normalcy of feminine. Their only use is to produce male offspring, and to service their husbands sexually. The ban may be lifted soon, although with certain conditions. The abaya should be black, plain, and loose. While the world is moving forward, it seems that Saudi Arabia is living in the past.

There will be services for research into nanotechnology, biosciences and information e government of Saudi Arabia has urged the kingdom's private sector to play a bigger role in creating jobs for the rising number of women graduates. Gender inequality in employment is evident, as Saudi women comprise only five percent of the nations work force (Purdy 2011 with more than one-half of employed Saudi women holding college degrees in comparison to only 16 percent of Saudi males (Alsaleh 2012). When asked if they had ever experienced gender inequality at home or in the workplace, 89 percent of the respondents reported never having experienced gender inequality (Alsaleh 2012). However, it is important to note. Its northern borders are Jordan, Kuwait, and Iraq, with Yemen to its south, and Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to its east.