enid welsford essay court masque

bride (as the pun on "poses" as the making of assertions intimates). 462-3; and Yale Shorter Poems,. Geneve : Slatkine Reprints, 1968. Elizabeth's exemplariness is, first, moral, as Spenser's likening of his bride's hair to a mantle attests: "Her long loose yellow locks lyke golden wyre, / Sprinckled with perle, and perling flowres a tweene, / Doe lyke a golden mantle her attyre" (9.154-6). If the clamorous young women of Cork see Elizabeth's virtue-the thing which would edify them-they will turn to stone and be silenced; the woods will no longer answer them.

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enid welsford essay court masque

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1187) in The Historical Works of Giraldus Cambrensis,. Questions: What questions did you have while you were reading? The street celebration itself, clearly popular in genesis and form, undoes the social presumptions in the masque of Hymen: English, courtly, and classical sources of song are supplanted by the minstrels, who come as if out of the Irish woods (their music "resounds from far". See Early Modern Ireland, in A New History of Ireland, 9 vols.,. A Midsummer Night's Dream Reading and Writing Schedule.

For the association. Plays masques at court during the reigns of Elizabeth, James and Charles. Woods such as Aherlow made Irish positions virtually impregnable to the English, and in these woods the Irish forces could move undetected, gaining the advantage of surprise. More than any other context, the political implications just sketched help us to account for the destructive charge in Spenser's use of the Medusa analogy.

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