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order to ensure that our farmers get a fair price for their crop. These were very inspiring incidents. Science and Technology is a type of DNA for development. And I was very happy when I came to know that one day before the Assam election results, he discreetly reached Patiala in Punjab. And there are numerous such unnamed, unsung heroes. Whereas February and March get consumed in exams, papers and answers, April May are meant for enjoying vacations, followed by results and thereafter, shaping a course for ones life through career choices. During the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries of different schemes of government through video call.

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From then onwards, I get a chance to stay in different parts of the country. And we should express this concern on every public platform. He tried to change the mood of despondency and create a mood to achieve something. I am sure, you too might be enjoying the rains with bhajiyas, pakoras, corn and a hot cup of tea. Do you know that he had no formal education in Mathematics? First, those who have written to me have a good grip on the subject; and, second, the sheer volume of the response to my request shows dealing with exams is an extremely important matter. Such sentimental incidents generate new energy, give new inspiration and this is what motivates us Indians to do some remarkable things. I wish people spread all over the world who revere Lord Buddha and believe in the principles of compassion- I wish all of them an auspicious Buddha Purnima. The Government of India has taken a very important decision. 103 104 In early 2015, he also appeared with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and challenged him to see if he could taste the difference between this reclaimed water or bottled water. Revered Bapu fought for this cause all through his life and made all out efforts. I have announced setting up of a committee.

Further Research, badminton is played with a racket and what is called a shuttle cork, which can be successfully hit only on one side. This question may be there in the world community. I feel that this topic is very important. Synergize your energy with the strength of India.

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