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now. Aris Katsaris 02:12, (UTC) Have I killed him? This mocking attitude is completely leiningen versus the ants essay contrary to the entire spirit of the wikipedia. As the creator of the picture, I assure you that it represents the.P.U. If the "sightings" bit is offensive to Christians, then the proper way to correct the article is mention that indeed some Christians find it offensive.

Isis in front of a white background. To say "such-and-such poster on heism says 'everyone claiming to belive in the IPU is an athiest faker (and eats babaies is npov. Is Wikipedia going to open to having articles about any sneering and objectionable jokes that might be found on usenet about religion, and repeating these sneers under the rubric of npov reporting of what people are writing?

Bryan 01:53, (UTC) There are, they are just invisible and pink as well. Andre 00:11, (UTC) The IPU isn't a serious deity, nor was it ever. It just cannot possibly be true that Wikipedia etiquette demands that an article can never be made shorter. It is most certainly not a significant enough topic that one must include offensive images and captions in order to cover. These are factual, npov statements. Rwv37 12:32, Jul 15, 2004 (UTC) You might as well see God, or the devil, or your worst enemy, non technical essays in english or better yet, nothing at all, in a blank image.

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