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to provide effective penetration testing capabilities for security auditors with little to no knowledge of radio communications. The attack must be miniaturized to fit within the constraints of the embedded device and may need to be miniaturized into just a few kilobytes of memory. A great number of start-ups with 'cy' and 'threat' in their names that claim that their product will defend or detect more effectively than their neighbors' product "because math." And it should be easy to fool people without a PhD or two that math just. Presented by Yu Wang The way a human efficiently digests information varies from person-to-person. From the comfort of your desk: collect common persistence mechanisms and submit the binaries to your bulk malware analysis pipeline, grab a netstat, a process listing, and check recent browsing history. It is without doubt that hypervisors are going to be commonplace in future devices, and play an important role in the security industry. Thus, clearly, you need to cite sources for all direct"tions.

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This talk will focus on some more likely scenarios; web-based attacks that are not that hard to pull off but that will allow the attacker to cash in without too much effort. An intuitive view is that APT attackers keep and control a high number of DNS-IP address pairs. References Cited (in this document) Council of Biology Editors, 1994, Scientific style and format: the CBE manual for authors, editors, and publishers, 6th edition, Cambridge University Press, New York. Our spying camera, including Google Glass, can take a video of the victim tapping on the touch screen and automatically recognize more than 90 of the tapped passcodes from three meters away, even if our naked eyes cannot see those passcodes or anything on the. This session explains how best to handle the looming Big Data risk in any environment. But, there is something more: from this point, you can attack not only the lowest levels of the network, but also PAS, MES, and even ERP systems! Further information can be found by consulting Hansen (1991 Council of Biology Editors (1994 and Harnack Kleppinger (2000 particularly their chapter on Using CBE Style to Cite and Document Sources. During this presentation, I will explain the long journey to understand how to mitigate it, while walking through the concepts (not exposing vendor names) that don't work and those that can work. We will discuss the weaknesses of current solutions and have live demonstrations for multiple attack vectors, our favourite being a malicious credit card which drops a remote root shell on an embedded mPOS device. We demonstrate a full system compromise from USB and a self-replicating USB virus not detectable with current defenses. Can incident response save how to write a thought essay about yourself the day? Our work is substantially different from related work on blind recognition of touch inputs.