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: Coca-Cola At A Glance. However, it is necessary to use the unique logo of the ingredient on the host brand to stand distinctive. The retail brand is modified based on the growing demands and needs. For the next three years, company enjoyed its dominance over all other social media websites with the highest visiting members in the world. Based beverage company that was incorporated on 5 September, 1919. Of International Business, University of Dhaka. In 2006, Myspace reached its peak success with the most visitors and following audience in the United States. Endorsers: Celebrity endorsement is one of the best way to draw consumers attention towards Diet Coke.

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A brand fades and vanishes when it starts to lose its market share. The efforts of Myspace at revitalizing brand equity are listed as follows: Company changed its styling in brand name which used to denote MySpace with capital S in the middle before revitalization. Aaker, Brand It or Lose It, California Management Review (Fall 2007. Strategic brand management: Building, measuring, and managing brand equity. By maintaining a consistent brand image they reduce consumer confusion and reinforce the message in a cluttered market.