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considerations of what is happening, and where we will all go from here. Tuning into that feeling is no trivial matter, because our cultural programming obscures and distorts it nearly beyond recognition. This is not always true for every person. The women of the Toda culture must avoid the sacred diaries and stay out of the front portion of the hut where the husband churns the buttermilk. Unfortunately, guilt avoidance is not real generosity; it is a kind of narcissism that motivates only the trivial levels of action sufficient to alleviate ones personal guilt.

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How nice it would be not to have to deal with it at all! Wouldnt you rather give it to someone who did? We are all familiar with the discomfort that arises when the time comes to talk about the money; we have all noticed how the cost for various events or products is kept hidden until the last moment or hidden on the bottom of the page. After the birth of a child, the mother and her baby stay in the hospital for a few days to make sure they are medically capable to go home. Water beings (undines, nymphs) live in water, and especially there where it interfaces with the air, as in river rapids and waterfalls. Depending on the situation, they could possibly already be living together. This is also a time when American adolescence begin to develop relationships for people of the opposite sex. She would have already had a variety of sexual contacts. Adults in the American culture are supposed to be sophisticated but that varies with each person. The navigating principle is not really a principle at all, nor an ethics; it is to follow what feels generous, right, and alive. I cringe first because they probably have a lot of messiness ahead of them (for which they might blame me and second because this is not a formula that I advocate. No one can simply want to see the elemental beings, as creatures of little bodies and forms.

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