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long-term climate stability would be required for sustaining a human population, the use of especially powerful fluorine -bearing greenhouse gases, possibly including sulfur hexafluoride or halocarbons such as chlorofluorocarbons (or CFCs) and perfluorocarbons (or PFCs has been suggested. Wired systems might lay the groundwork for early crewed landings and bases, by producing various consumables including fuel, oxidizers, water, and construction materials. Since terraforming cannot be expected as a near-term solution, habitable structures on Mars would need to be constructed with pressure vessels similar to spacecraft, capable of containing a pressure between 30 and 100 kPa. This gives researchers the ability to better understand the physical state that astronauts going to Mars will arrive.

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This is considered the most effective method, though the least practical. Retrieved "Space Race Rekindled? 17 Mars is much colder than Earth, with mean surface temperatures between 186 and 268 K (87 and 5 C; 125 and 23 F) (depending on position). A b c Gutierrez-Folch, Anita (September 17, 2009). During the presidency of Barack Obama, the objective for nasa to reach Mars was pushed to the background. "Most of Mars' Atmosphere Is Lost in Space". Accessed: "House Science Committee Hearing Charter: Lunar Science Resources: Future Options".

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