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you can see that sports dont need to be compulsory. Nowadays, sports are very important as education itself. I am all for schools requiring students without disability to take physical education courses; however, I am not for students being obligated to participate in sports. Report Post More people a becoming over wight More people a becoming over wight because there is not a lot of Physical Education in schools across the UK and no one is dealing with it and it has been brought up in the news such.

Sport has many social and health benefits for everyone. Essay about Competitive Sports Should be Compulsory.athletes. The competitiveness in competitive sports is so intense that its not just about physical skills, but also about mental abilities.

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Report Post, such waste of time. I Believe how to cite a blog within an essay Sport Should Be Compulsory. Ielts Essay: Compulsory sports in school agree/disagree? These people drag down the team and ruin the sport for those that want to be there. 2 periods per cycle are spent on PE, 2 periods which could be spent on subjects like foreign languages, which are only allocated 4 periods per cycle or English or Science, which get 5 periods per cycle. Report Post, there are other ways to teach teamwork. And will build the dangers of the health and have more education. Non-athletes such as myself should just be left at peace by the school system. I did not like sports and had a really bad experience. It will lead to a much better standard of future generations rather than all the problems of obesity and other growth related deficiency we have today. We don't learn those important things that we need to know like math or English. P.E., yes, sports,.

There are some advantages of wearing a school uniform compulsorily. Should sport be compulsory Introduction Lots of people love playing sport and lots of people dont, but lots are pressured to be fit and doing what they dont want. They can use the.E time to complete the essay before its due and spend the rest of the time doing other work like homework. You have been asked to write an article entitled "Why Sports Should Be Made Compulsory In Schools" for your College bulletin.