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vote was the culmination of a long campaign to end legal penalties for possession and use of the plant and its byproducts, a campaign that since the 1970s had won reduced criminal penalties, permitted medical use, and finally legalization (under state law - purpose and thesis marijuana. The proposal also provided protection for physicians and caregivers and was clearly limited to marijuana. An aarp survey shows that 72 percent of Americans over 45 agree that adults should be allowed to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if a physician recommends. Fines can be up to 1500, and legal representation can cost up to 5000 (though I am suspicious of this paper and think it may be exaggerating for effect).

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Pursuant to its mandate, the commission conducted a thorough review of all the medical, social, and legal issues surrounding marijuana and in March 1972 issued its report. When a meta-analysis tries to control for all of these factors, they get a relative risk.4 (they call it an odds ratio, but sociology graduate thesis from their discussion section I think they mean relative risk). The only hard number I have is from Australia, where in non-decriminalized Australian states only.3 of marijuana arrests lead to jail time, but a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests US numbers are very similar. The states involved are places like Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon. It is clear that no state undertook any empirical or scientific study of the effects of the drug. Marijuana sentences generally last an average of three years, which suggests that 1/3 of these marijuana prisoners are arrested every year, so the total burden of the 6000ish marijuana imprisonments each year.5 10 kiloqalys. Yet millions who had smoked pot in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s were now mature adults, working in all trades and professions, raising families, engaging in politics. Several other studies (eg. You may return to your regularly scheduled wild speculation and shrill accusations. There is less information on the effects of full legalization of marijuana, which has never been tried before in the United States.

Washington became one of the first two states, along with Colorado, to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana when voters approved Initiative 502 on November 6, 2012. Most of the detrimental effects of marijuana seem concentrated in teens and people in their early twenties; Im going to artificially round that up to 2 million to catch the early 20 year olds.

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