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of different languages.Words have travelled from country to country(Malmstorm,1973). With the invent of technologies like steam locomotives, engines, telecommunications and most recently internet and mobile phones, the world has become interdependent in economics and cultural activities. We cant keep it at stand by till we surpass western civilization. The largest spoken language of Pakistan is Punjabi which is also the mother tongue of 45 population living in Pakistan. Ugwuoke(1997)depicts that a recipient language adopts and uses borrowed lexemes,ideas and expressions of the donor language as its own lexemes. Borrowing, mixing and hybridization resulted due to the increased contact, some of the languages were highly conscious of the changes. From the day this universe was created, human beings communicated with each other in different ways, which helped in the development of language.

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Secondly, the newly formed language is not a hybrid form or pure form but the fact is that all the languages borrow and loan words from each other. When two or more languages are frequently mixed, consequently a new hybrid variety of language is born. While it opens arms, leading to mixing of cultures and debasing cultural diversities. Witalisz (2011) observes it as lexical or linguistic borrowing.According to him, lexical borrowing is needed to depict the concepts that are foreign to the recipient language.Borrowing is called lexical because there may be no lexical items to represent a particular concept. These processes led to originate new varieties as GhE, Nigerian English, Indian English and Singaporean English. The Constitution of Pakistan (1973) clearly stated the adoption of Urdu as the official language in the next 15 years. Thirdly this happens without the consent of either languages. Sapir(1921)argues that the historical facts of cultural relation are dependent on the nature and extent of borrowing. While first language has its influence and it may not be responsible for certain deviatins from local in Ghanaian English, it is important to explain many of the innovative deviations (including lexical hybridized forms) found in Ghanaian English (Ngula, 2011).Like Pakistan, the influence of languages.

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